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    S Square Technologies, Bangalore has realized the need for youthful, dynamic professionals to match the potential of the industry. Most businesses and companies have deployed ERP software or business process transformation systems right through the nineties. Latest developments in web-based technologies and synching of other IT solutions and packages with ERP systems or addition of new ERP modules calls for training of professionals and staff employees using these applications. Many new businesses, growing organizations and federal government offices also deploy new ERP systems to better manage business operations and growing business applications. ERP training is critical to the success of any ERP solution rollout and overall business transformation.

    New ERP software system implementation or rollout of new or select modules of existing ERP systems can be a complex organizational initiative or activity. ERP training is initiated to help employees understand the enterprise resource planning software system and its implications for business and operations.

    ERP training involves formally training employees to operate and use this technology and an extended process of knowledge transfer. ERP training can comprise a mix of in-house and on-site training sessions and certain external vendor-sponsored courses.Functional area employees, business unit workers, other staffers and professionals expected to use critical ERP modules are thoroughly trained on the specifics of new ERP modules. They are apprised of transactional systems and operational and business changes that would fructify with the rollout of new modules or changes effected to old modules. The key for the trainers, experts and mentors is to ensure that employees expected to use the ERP applications are able to derive the benefits of this business process transformation software system.


    An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consultant is responsible for facilitating the day-to-day management of the supply-demand chain for larger businesses. In the world of big business, larger corporations typically employ a staff of ERP consultants, and you can become one by understanding business needs, ERP computer applications and gaining professional certification.

    ERP is a methodology for integrating business applications such as finance, human resources and order processing into a single system. ERP consulting is a service that assists with selection, implementation, training and support for ERP systems

    ERP consultants come in various types to assist with different stages of ERP implementation. Management consultants help select the right software, assist in project planning, help design business processes, and provide general advising. Implementation consultants install, configure, test and train users to deploy the new system.

    The primary function of the ERP consultant is to assist organizations in the transition to ERP software. Consultants can assist with the full life-cycle of an ERP project, from matching your business requirements with the right software to managing change within the organization as a result of the software. The success of any particular consultant can vary tremendously from company to company.

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